Menekülő játék Thanos - The Infinity Stones

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Thanos wiped out half the universe’s inhabitants. Now it is your turn to decide about the fate of the Universe!

Retrieve the stones from the past and help Thanos to reach his goal or reverse Thanos’ actions and save the world like the Avengers.

The choice is in your hands!

But first, you have to collect the INFINITY STONES!

Meet with Dr. Strange, follow Groot’s instructions, navigate the Guardians of the Galaxy, travel to Vormir for the Soul Stone, and use the infinite power of theTesseract! Collecting each stone involves exciting, unique challenge!

Ultimately, you decide on the outcome of the game, gain the infinity glove – fullfill Thanos’ will, or put the stones into Iron Man’s hands to sacrifice him heroically for our world!

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