Menekülő játék Prison Trap

Cég: TimeTrap

Átlagos értékelés:

5.0 / 5

3 értékelés


Erzsébet krt. 12 Budapest 1073 ()


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Be a captive in a prison, and try to break from your cell. It depends on you and your team if you can break yourself free, or you will rot in prison forever. The conditions are similar to a real prison in the game. Can you get rid of your chains?

In the Prison Trap you can try yourself as a prisoner. What does it feel like to locked into a cell of a few square meters with your mates; or alone, while the others are in the next cell? You can hear the guard walking on the aisle, and you hear another captive being tortured. But after a while you realize, that others were here before you, and they left you some signs, that may help you to leave that inhuman place. Will sixty minutes be enough for you to break?

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