Menekülő játék Deathtrap Bunker

Cég: TimeTrap


Kazinczy u. 10 Budapest 1075 ()


Basement of the El Rapido Mexican

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Chemical disaster just breaks out, civil defense services assigned survivors into various shelters.

You are locked into shelter, and you are wanting the end of the disaster. You get bored in this situation…

Suddenly you are alerted: an air filter get out of order, and your air lasts for one hour.

You are about to get outta from your safe-place, which can easily became your coffin…

You must try to detect under ground if the disaster, the fatal radiation and toxic gas on the surface are elapsed or not. You must figure out, how you can get out from the shelter.

You must escape from a real shelter, an unique environment. You must find the way how to get out!

You will survive if your mission is successful in 60 minutes!

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