Menekülő játék Magic - Prison of Wizards

Cég: TimeTrap


Erzsébet krt. 17 Budapest 1073 ()


door bell: 30

Command + EnterTalált hibát? Válassza ki a szöveget, és nyomja meg a (z) Ctrl+Enter gombot.


In this newest installment of our MAGIC Escape Room series, your destination is no other place than the infamous Prison of Wizards, where you have to set the famous prisoner free.

The prison is built for only the most terrifying and dangerous wizards and witches in the wizarding world. You have to make your way in, escape and free one of the top priority prisoners at the same time.

Its not an easy task: you have to overcome many challenges and countless obstacles in your way in and out… and you can never be sure, when will the next prison guard attack!

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